26in Hyper E-Ride Mountain MTB-FS E-Bike

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The 26in Hyper E-Ride Front Suspension Mountain E-Bike excels at climbing steep hills and it's front suspension fork will help keep you in control on the way back down. This E-Bike features an integrated flush-mount battery with a charge time of four hours. When fully charged this E-Bike can take you a distance of 20 miles or give you one hour of electric pedal assisted riding time. If you want to just enjoy mild trails or your favorite bike path you will enjoy the benefits of a mountain bike with the assistance from the electric motor.


  • 26in light weight aluminum frame
  • Rear hub brush-less 36V / 250W< electric motor
  • Integrated flush-Mount 36V / 7.8 AH battery
  • Battery charging time of 4 hours
  • Top Speed at 20 MPH with a run time of 1 hour / 20 Miles
  • 6 Speed Shimano® Grip Shifter / Shimano® Rear Derailleur
  • Front suspension forks
  • Front and rear v-brakes
  • 48-spoke alloy rims
  • Three piece cranks
  • Rider max weight : 275 lbs

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